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20 Healthful Herbs You Must Add to Your Diet

Ayurvedic herbs & spices have been used from time immemorial to add on to the taste of food. However, little do the ancient people know that the tremendous health benefits of these Ayurvedic herbs & spices. These people could not distinguish ...


Some Wowmazing Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract and How to Use it

Olives leaves are food for our health but we cannot use it in its raw form. But we can always have its extract - either in the powder form or a liquid form - and derive immense benefits out of the same. Want to know what health benefits olive leaf ex...


Five Crucial Herbs and Their Health Benefits

For decades, herbs have been playing a major role in improving the overall health of our body. These act as nutritional supplements, help in the faster healing of the wounds and also deliver a pool of health benefits. Herbs are known to lower blood s...


Awesome Benefits of Amla Indian Gooseberry Juice for Weight Loss

Many people complain of excess weight these days gained mainly due to excessive changes in the lifestyle of people. These lifestyle changes are often the result of people not giving enough time to their daily routine and in turn, consume things which...


Honey Bush Tea - A Proven Powerhouse of Benefits

Honeybush tea can be rightly called for as the best ingredient to take at any time of the day. Not only it serves the function of bringing refreshment in mind, it brings a host of benefits as well. It is rich in antioxidant contents while being low i...


Pecans: 5 Amazing benefits of Pecans that you might not know

Pecans, often correlated with the crunchy yet juice flavor from the Creamy Pecan Pie but did you know it can serve more purposes than it is asked for? The buttery nut which has a unique feature of pairing up with both sweet and other ingredients can ...