Cold Sores

If there is one person on this earth who has never had a cold sore, please step forward and collect your prize. Cold sores can happen overnight. They can appear like magic more often in childbearing years or when you have a date with that one person who just might be the one. Cold sores also go by other names that may be familiar, including canker sores and fever blisters. They usually appear inside the mouth or on the lips. However, the good news is they have not been found to be contagious.

Cold sore treatments are plentiful and many are home remedies possibly handed down by grandmothers who were not the annuitants of today’s medical solutions. However, be advised that most home remedies have not been tested and should be considered for an academic purpose only. You should never apply or ingest any home remedy or self treatment you know nothing about without the advice of a doctor. What works for one person may not be what is best for another. Please use common sense.

Garlic pills to alleviate cold sore symptoms is one solution. Several drops from an Aloe plant at first appearance of a cold sore has been shown to be effective in healing a cold sore virus as well as the scab. Other remedies that have worked effectively for many cold sore sufferers are ice cubes with a dash of salt and a balm called Carmex. However, there are two options that some physicians seem to favor. One is L-lysine, which is available at any health food store. Rub the oil from one gel cap onto the affected area until the cold sore ulcer is healed. The second option is coating the cold sore with powdered alum. Ingesting a L-lysine gel cap can help prevent further outbreaks.

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