Athlete's Foot

A variety of bacteria and fungi live on skin, some of which are useful, while others rapidly multiply and form infections. Athlete’s foot is a common type of fungal infection.
The sheer luxury of a salon whirling foot bath bath might be just what you need. When leaning back your with eyes half closed, soothed by the swirling water of the foot bath, no worries. Except, maybe later your lovely pedicured feet have become infected.Symptoms of a fungal infection or Athlete’s foot include cracked, flaking, itchy, red, peeling feet, especially between the toes. Skin may sting, burn, blister, ooze or crust.

If you can’t give up pedicures there are some precautions you can take to decrease the likelihood of getting athlete’s foot. First,ensure instruments used to cut nails are disinfected. Always bring personal manicure and pedicure tools to spas or salons. Avoid applying polish to potentially infected or irritated nails. Patronize licensed spas or salons with licensed nail technicians who properly sterilize instruments. Finally, ensure that the nail technician and client perform pre-service antimicrobial soap scrub of hands and nails.

Meeting and greeting others at pools, beach facilities, public showers, and Jacuzzis may seem like nothing less than fun. Until, that is, your feet start itching and peeling. Wet and moist foot traffic areas are hot spots for fungi and bacteria. Avoid swimming in public pools, using showers, or foot baths. Wash night clothing and bed sheets each day during infection. After swimming or bathing wash feet with soap and water, dry thoroughly. Apply anti-fungal, preventive treatment to reduce infection risk. Wash and dry hands thoroughly after fungal infection contact. Wear sandals, shower shoes or flip flops at gyms, showers, and pools. Herbal remedies with tea tree oil and Vitamin E are linked to healthy hair and nails. Tea tree oil is used world wide and is recognized as a natural fungicide. Self-care treatments typically resolve conditions within 4 weeks without seeing a doctor, which can be affordable health care alternatives.

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